3D Stereo Imaging System

3D Stereo Imaging System
Product Details



1. Polarization 3D( Passive Polarization or Film Patterned Retarder )

2. Higher definition than polarizing images, but more burdens for eyes during excessive watching.

3. Most mainstream and widest applicated 3D mode---Shutter 3DActive Shutter

 interface   Simple operation interface   video clipping and merging

■ 3D-Station provides truly 1080p HD videos for surgery, recording and displaying at the same time.

■ Supporting  3D surgery at Conference Room , 3D-Station makes it possible for 500 persons watch the surgery through professional 3D screen.

■ 3D-Station supports teaching inside Operating Room , also realizes long-distance operation living broadcasting through optical fiber Web.

■ Real-time 3D display for microsurgery; calibration for 3D image and operation vision in the meantime, no need to adjust for calibration or synchronization.

■ Directly 3D video recordingg, from 2D imaging video to 3D imaging video without synthetic processing.

■ 1080p HD 3D display with large screen

■ Outstanding teaching function will be the best assistant for doctors.

■ Great academic exchange tool, shares the 3D surgical imaging through living broadcasting, 3D projectors and etc.

■ Intelligent platform  adds  navigation application modules to 3D display. 

Technical Parameters

Computer Brand Mac mini(Apple) 
Computer Parameters2.8GHz; Intel Core i5 Processor;Memory 8G;Hard Disk 1TB; Intel Iris Graphics;
Screen   32-inch waterproof 3D screen;LED back-lit Display with IPS Technology(optional for 42-inch); Display scale 16:9 ;resolution ratio 1920*1080    
Operating System OS X El Capitan  
Software Version3D real-time full HD Display;high-quality video recording;                                                      video post production(cutting、synthesizing)
Software Compatibility 1080P(60HZ/50HZ/30HZ/25HZ);1080I(30HZ/29.94HZ/25HZ)   
Ransmission Mode FULL HD 1.4a hdmi、dvi-d、HD-SDI  
Camera5 megapixel 3CMOS*2, supports progressive scanning up to 1920*1080;                               image adapter can be  compatible to microscope of Zeiss, Leica, Moller, Topcon. etc.
Application Fields Ophthalmology and Ootorhinolaryngology、Neurology and Neurosurgey 、                         Medicine and Surgery、Urology. etc.


Note:With the development of technology, new design and techniques will be added or revised without prior notice.