Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc Imaging Systems Division

Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc Imaging provides a wide variety of high-definition, ultra-compact, one-piece and remote-head 3CCD and CMOS sensor cameras for 2D and 3D applications.  These high performance video cameras are ideal for use in surgical imaging, microscopy, R&D, military, industrial, scientific, and broadcast tasks.

The company also recently introduced a revolutionary chip-on-tip (COT) camera, an ultra-small, 0.7 mm, high-performance video camera specially designed for endoscopy applications.  

Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc. is a comprehensive corporation integrating multiple sectors such as Medical-Investment, Management, Digital Ophthalmic Equipment Development, Production, and the General Agent around China of American TTI Digital High Definition Products.  The skills Neweyes developed,Fundus Camera;Optometry Equipments;Ophthalmic Microscope;Slit Lamp;have won the Copyright of Peoples's Republic of China. 

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