Professional Digital Fundus Camera, Non-Mydriatic, Eye Position Dots

Working Mode: NON-Mydriatic

Field of view: Up to 53 D

Minimum pupil size: 3.5mm

Patient diopter range: -10D to + 10D

Observation light source: Infrared LED

Eye fixation target: Internal LED + External LED

Eye position aid: Aligmnent Dots

Sensor resolution: 12M Max

Display monitors: 7 Inch LCD+17 Inch post processing monitor

Working ditance: 40mm

Base movement: F-B: 50mm L-R: 90mm U-D: 30mm

Fine adjustment: 15mm

Power supply: AC 220V/110V 50Hz

Working temperature: -5 degree -40 degree

Working humidity: 0%-85%

Dimension: 487mm× 310mm× 630mm

Weight: 32kg

*Image post processing: Brightness, contrast, gamma, colour, smooth, sharp, etc. 

*Foucs processing: Measure, mark, patching up, etc. 

*Documents management: Record, search, sort, report, etc.

Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc. is a comprehensive corporation integrating multiple sectors such as Medical-Investment, Management, Digital Ophthalmic Equipment Development, Production, and the General Agent around China of American TTI Digital High Definition Products.  The skills Neweyes developed,Fundus Camera;Optometry Equipments;Ophthalmic Microscope;Slit Lamp;have won the Copyright of Peoples's Republic of China. 

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