Preparation Glasses Before What Is Optometry Optometry Equipment Most Commonly Used In The Process


Before the preparation in our glasses, optometry is a must for a program. Meanwhile, optometry is accurate, other experiences other than professional optometrist, optometry equipment is good or bad, also played a decisive role.

Optometry equipment now there are many, the most commonly used are of the following classes, introduce to you one by one. So that everyone can understand, but also to everyone at the time of preparation of glasses frames, make it easy to distinguish professional optometry units or not.

1 vision, light box table: instrument for testing Visual acuity.

2, check disc: constituted by the optometry tests; test-used to detect eye diopter, walking to try to observe and also as neutralization test standards.

3, near Visual acuity chart: used to detect near; and lightbox-type eye chart used ondifferential diagnosis of refractive status.

4, focusing a flashlight: used for eye check, as an auxiliary lighting; also used as observation of pupillary light reflex light and projection light source using the corneal reflex point.

5, rulers: measuring interpupillary distance; doubles as eyeglasses frames with lenses the size of measurement tools.

6, Audition: for refraction test, try walking wearing hosts lens tools used in the process;

7, and check shadow mirror: and called retinal mirror; the equipment has two species, a for points-like light projection type (referred to points-like check shadow mirror); a for band light projection type (referred to band check shadow mirror), check shadow mirror of shape for rod-like; professional of glasses optometry room in the must has which a, while optometry personnel must master this equipment of operation skills.