Increased By 400-fold In 10 Years, What Chance Did New Eyes Catch ?


    In 2015,  revenues of 164 million yuan, net profit of more than 40 million yuan, as a New OTC Market company, New Eyes’s business performance is not inferior to some A-share companies. And ten years ago, when the company was founded in Tongji University National University Science Park, its annual revenue was only 37 million.


    Started from digital solutions of ophthalmic equipments, a series of ophthalmic equipment are in the show room of New Eyes. The founder, and Chairman Mr. Tang Delin told the research group, he started the company with the digital fundus camera.

More than a decade ago, when the digital cameras were impacting the traditional film marketing, it became difficult for ophthalmic hospitals to provide films for patients. Witnessing this, as a equipment maintenance worker in a ophthalmic hospital, a thought came to Mr. Tang : create digital solutions to traditional film fundus camera. A successful transformation of fundus camera from nondigital signal to digital signal,  not only made expensive equipment continue working, but also brought a income of 20000 RMB to Mr.Tang. With the insight of the business opportunity, Mr.Tang resigned and started his own business.


Mr. Tang:“These equipment were about to be eliminated from hospitals who would have spent 500 thousand on digital machines. But we ony need 80 thousand to make the machines digital. In this way, a large amount of cost will be saved and we can keep operating theses machines. And it will also save much time for doctors because no more film needs to be printed.” Before 2015, all the fundus cameras in hospitals are film-type, 1200 units in China and 10000 units in the whole world. To now, the market of digital fundus cameras has been developed completely.


    Currently, New Eyes confronts a new problem: what to do next? Mr. Tang aims at another ophthalmic machine—— slit lamp. Slit lamp is a necessary equipment for ophthalmic examination. Before we make it digital, there are 12000 units in China and 50000 units in the whole world. If digital transformation are made by the cost of 30 thousand yuan for each unit, the market size is 1.5 billion yuan.

    What happens after all the old ophthalmic machines have been transformed? Video Recording System for Surgical Microscope, records the whole operation, which provides a perfect solution for medical conflicts. Cooperating with Zeiss,  once Zeiss sells a surgical microscope, a video recording system of New Eyes will be purchased together. The video recording system can not only be used in ophthalmology, but also in orthopedics, neurosurgery and other departments. It has a big market, and a much more competitive price than systems overseas.