Non-Mydriatic Retina Camera/ Fundus Camera

1. Superior optical lens adopted the aspherical and multilayer coating technology;

2. 18 Megapixels sensor offered clear and detailed images;

3. Non-mydriatic imaging mode;

4. Low flash intensity and quiet shutter sound;

5. Professional software helped image post-processing and database management.

Types of photography: Color, FA, Red Free, Cobalt(digital)

Retinal observation: LCD monitor

Angle of view: 45° Max

Minimum pupil size: Mydriatic: 4mm or more

                                Non-Mydriatic: 3.3 mm or more

Mounted digital camera: DSLR

Sensor: 18.0 Megapixels

Patient's diopter compensation: ± 20D

Working distance: 42mm

Working distance adjustment: Working distance dots on retina

Fixation Target: LED Green

Range of base movement: 80mm front and back, 100mm side to side, 30mm Vertical

Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc. is a comprehensive corporation integrating multiple sectors such as Medical-Investment, Management, Digital Ophthalmic Equipment Development, Production, and the General Agent around China of American TTI Digital High Definition Products.  The skills Neweyes developed,Fundus Camera;Optometry Equipments;Ophthalmic Microscope;Slip Lamp;have won the Copyright of Peoples's Republic of China. 

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