Lzj-6e-Type Dental Surgical Microscope (LZJ-6E)

Model NO.:LZJ-6E

1. Primary mirror the optical the hinged surgery barrel, the biggest flip angle of 180 ° 

2. With fine focusing the objective lens (adjustable range ≥ 20mm), optional 250mm apochromatic objective. 

3. Primary mirror with a damping adjustment system, so that the optical lens can be maintained at any location within the moving range. 

4. Optical microscope head can be placed on the upper part of the bearing arm, and not affect other surgery performed during surgery. 

5. With an orange and green color filter, can be adjusted through the front portion of the pusher bar of the optical fiber. 

6. Coaxial illumination system, in the front of the instrument with the adjustment switch, the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted continuously. 

. Spring arm Optional lighting limit switch, when not carried to that disconnect, especially convenient for the dentist's surgery requires. 


Optional large objective lens, a beam splitter, single mesh Teach mirror, eyes Assistant mirror, built-in or external cameras and interfaces, screen, digital camera system and interface, and optional xenon lamp lighting, limit lighting, and new rack. 

Technical parameters: 

1. A primary mirror with optical hinge binocular or so before and after any tune pour biggest flip angle of up to 180 ° 

2. Five-speed drum zoom magnification: 3.4X, 5.1X, 8.3X, 13.5X, 20.5X

3. Field of view diameter: Φ66mm, Φ41mm, Φ26mm No-, Φ16.5mm, Φ10.4mm

4. In eyepiece 12.5X/18B 4. 

5. Large objective lens with fine-tuning of focus, focal length: 250mm (optional 200, 300, 350, 400) Focus range 20mm

6. Coaxial cold light source fiber optic lighting, maximum illumination ≥ 60000Lx continuous dimming halogen or xenon lighting

7. Contains orange and green color filters

8. Rack wishbone maximum extension length ≥ 1300mm

9. The rack vertical lift range ≥ 500mm

10. Power: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz