Goniometer instrument performance

Accuracy - Accuracy up to ±0.3 seconds

Long service life—The spindle adopts an air-floating structure, the accuracy is long-lasting, never wears, and the service life is long.

The reading system uses imported high-precision phase grating encoders and related technologies

The number of grating lines reached 16300 lines/roundness.

The width of the reticle is 0.1 чm. High accuracy and stability.

The aiming system uses a self-aligning instrument that detects the signal with an image sensor, and has high accuracy.

Spindle accuracy: ±0.02 чm

Angle sensor accuracy: 0.3 seconds

Single measurement accuracy: ±1 second

Multiple angle measurement accuracy: ±0.5 seconds

CCD resolution: 0.03 seconds

CCD repeatability: ±0.2 seconds

Carrying weight: 50kg