Fundus Camera & FFA APS-BER (Non-Mydriatic)

Working: Mydriatic, NON-Mydriatic, Little pupil

Camera Resolution: 12 MEGA pixels

Focus aid: Eye position dots

Video Resolution(FFA): 0.42MEGA

Field of view: 45 degree both horizontally and vertically

Working distance: 40mm

Chin rest distance: 70mm

Electric-table distance: 200mm

Light adjustment: Inching and coarse stepless adjustment

Fixation lamp: Out and inner red LED fixation

Working lamp: 12V 60W

Software specifications

* Image file formats: Default. BMP and. JPG, the. JPG image is compressed max to 50: 1, both the formats do not result in the loss of any clinical signifficant.

* Documents management: Search with name, age, sex, diagnosis and any other condition input

* Image post processing: Brightness, contrast, gamma, color, measure, smooth, sharp, etc.

* Image patching up: Combine to a whole fundus image

Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc. is a comprehensive corporation integrating multiple sectors such as Medical-Investment, Management, Digital Ophthalmic Equipment Development, Production, and the General Agent around China of American TTI Digital High Definition Products.  The skills Neweyes developed,Fundus Camera;Optometry Equipments;Ophthalmic Microscope;Slit Lamp;have won the Copyright of Peoples's Republic of China. 

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