Flexible and mobile fundus imaging

All in one with built-in camera and computer,Five automated functions for enhanced ease-of-use,Monitor and indicator for operator assist,Navigation of stereo and panorama photography,Low flash intensity and quiet shutter sound.

Reliably detecting and monitoring retinal disorders is key to ensuring high-quality care and to maintaining the vision of your patients.As a mobile Fundus Camera, it is the perfect imaging companion.Thanks to the camera’s non-mydriatic operation and precise autofocus function, dilation of the eyes is not required. Its battery power provides added flexibility. 

Shanghai New Eyes Medical Inc. is a comprehensive corporation integrating multiple sectors such as Medical-Investment, Management, Digital Ophthalmic Equipment Development, Production, and the General Agent around China of American TTI Digital High Definition Products.  The skills Neweyes developed,Fundus Camera;Optometry Equipments;Ophthalmic Microscope;Slit Lamp;have won the Copyright of Peoples's Republic of China. 

More information on Fundus Camerahttp://www.eyesmed.com/fundus-camera/