Desktop Fundus Camera

Desktop Fundus Camera
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Are you going to wholesale medical, surgical ophthalmic desktop fundus camera made in China from one of the leading desktop fundus camera for ophthalmology manufacturers and suppliers? Welcome to check the price with us.

TNF-505 non-mydriatic digital fundus camera integrates function of mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus photograph. In this way, it can easily meet the requirements of daily outpatient service for ophthalmology, and also will be a powerful tool for fundus screening with efficient and high-quality fundus image solution.It provides comprehensive fundus images with high cost-effectiveness. Top pixel resolution,SLR imaging system, and excellent optic system, are the greater advantages of TNF505 fundus camera than other brands.

External SLR imaging system, provides users with easy access of high-resolution photographs.

External SLR imaging system, not only provides vivid color and rich details, but also makes it so easy for upgrading.

Top pixel resolution offers a fantastic experience with details.

It provides 18-megapixel pictures and excellent optic imaging system. In this way, the photo will still be ultimately clear after partial magnification , which is vital for diagnosing minimal lesions.

Integration of mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus photograph

Integration of mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus photograph, fully meets the need of professional fundus examination and fundus screening.

Simple interface and easy operation

Simple appearance, rich imaging assisting system and focus positioning system with two auxiliary dots, make the operation easily accessible for even green hands who never use a fundus camera.

Low flashlight shooting mode

When you choose the shooting mode to low flashlight, a bright and clear fundus photo can still be acquired.At the same time, patients comfort can be guaranteed in a great way.