Slit Lamp Imaging Processing System

Slit Lamp Imaging Processing System
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Are you going to wholesale medical, surgical ophthalmic slit lamp imaging processing system made in China from one of the leading slit lamp imaging processing system for ophthalmology manufacturers and suppliers? Welcome to check the price with us.

Digital Conversion for Slit Lamp Microscope

For traditional slit lamp microscope, we equipped with a optical converter lens to acquire high resolution digital images. All the lenses are imported from Germany, which are multi-coated, mildewproof, and anti-reflection, providing unparalleled optical observation.

Digital analyse system offered images observation through computer, providing high quality images with brilliant colour fidelity, contrast and tone range, and be capable of recording the finest pathology.

Features after upgrade:

1. Digital Images can be observed through Eyepiece, LED monitor and Computer

2. Easy to capture still images, making observation intuitive and conveniently.

3. Patient Data storage, management functionally

4. Image processing, measurement, analyse functionally

5. Information transmit, share, import and export functionally

6. Fast tracking images from any patient and rapid comparison of all of the patients examinations.

7. Print out through color inkjet priter

Model                   Item                        

NES-Z1     Beam splitter (Single Port, horizontal, for zeiss mount Microscope)

NES-Z2     Beam splitter (Single Port, vertical, for zeiss mount slit lamp)

NES-Z3      Beam splitter (Dual port, vertical, for zeiss mount slit lamp)

NES-Z4      Beam splitter (Dual port, horizontal, for 66vision, zeiss microscope)

NES-Z5      Beam splitter (Dual port, horizontal, for Zeiss SL120, SL130 Slit lamp)

NES-Z6      Beam splitter (for TOPCON D2 series slit lamp)

NES-T/Z1    Beam splitter (Single Port, vertical, for Topcon old model, Macro Slit lamp)