Digital Reforming System For Fundus Camera

Digital Reforming System For Fundus Camera
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Are you going to wholesale medical, surgical ophthalmic digital reforming system for fundus camera made in China from one of the leading digital reforming system for fundus camera for ophthalmology manufacturers and suppliers? Welcome to check the price with us.

Digital Conversion for Fundus Camera

Characteristics & Functions of Upgrade

1. Optics conversion Lens:

The core technology of our upgrading is: the view of optics conversion lens which connect with digital camera should be the exact size as the view field. Chromatic Aberration-free,high definition imaging processing.


We have designed 6 sets of multi-pieces Gauss Type Optics Conversion Lens (now upgradet to 8 sets), combined with 10 million Pixels Digital Camera, providing all the advantages of perfect Fundus Imaging with the addition of simultaneous visualization and instantaneous availability of images recording.

2. Method and purpose of upgrade


To make it digital, just attach a optics conversion adapter to the Original Fundus camera, no modification or alteration. Film Camera remains available in use. After upgraded, high definition chromatic imagings are available directly through original eyepieces, the quality of imagings has caught up with or even exceeded the up-to-date digital-ready Funds Camera.

3. Imaging-merge function

Digital Imaging System integrates seamlessly gives the ultimate in image quality, diagnostic versatility and ability to upgrade to future technologies. Multiple image overlay, merge and graphics functions give the user a broader range of diagnostic tools.

4. Datebase deposit and management system

a. Establish database for the patient, such diagnose, statistics integration, sort management, keep permanent records.

b. digital Patten card for patient, easy report.

c. Database for patient, intelligent search for images.

d. Information printer, backup, keep CD record.

e. Video recording, deposit, re-play

f. Imaging processing, magnification, printer.

5. Imaging progressing:

a. Excellent digital image processing system providing objective diagnose for Clinic.

b. Image unlimited manify function, make the finest disease checking possible.

c. Image comparation side by side, between different patients, or different periods for one patient.

d. Retina Image Measurement, calculate are available; brightness and contrast are ajustable; pathological chages mark on are available.

e. Imaging, video transfer between Image-capture room, Laser room and Operating room synchronously.

f. Easy to print and keep a permanent record and forward onto an ophthalmology clinic.

-height:150%;font-size:16px;mso-font-kerning:1px;" >Excellent digital image processing system providing objective diagnose for Clinic.